Our Team

By uniting a cross-disciplinary hub of people and teams in a collaborative, not-for-profit model, the PROOF Centre can speed up development of new blood tests to improve patient management and to expedite drug development.

Our Programs

The PROOF Centre has biomarker programs to develop simple blood tests to better predict, diagnose, manage and treat disease, by harnessing the power of clinical, molecular and computational science. We have biomarker programs across a multitude of disease indications.

Our Services

The PROOF Centre’s service arm provides expertise in computation, “-omic” science and biomarker workflow to organizations seeking to discover, develop and implement blood-based molecular biomarkers in a clinical setting.


2019 Rajasekaran A, He D, Yue A, Singh A, Shannon CP, Fitzgerald J.M, Boulet L-P, O’Byrne PM, Gauvreau GM, Tebbutt SJ.  Cholinergic synapse pathway gene polymorphisms may play a rold in regulating a type of asthmatic airway response triggered upon...

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