The PROOF Centre is a multi-disciplinary team of in-house experts built to ensure your projects are a success from start to finish. With our world-class network of preferred partners, collaborators and advisors, we provide consultation, co-development, project management and service provision. We pride ourselves in being the one-stop source for biomarker development, networks and strategic engagement, fit-for-purpose biomarkers and flexible partnering options.

Our main areas of focus and collaboration details are below.

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Study Execution & Biobanking

  • Study design and budgets
  • Ethics, consent, enrollment
  • Data and biological sample collection
  • Biological sample processing, storage and shipping SOPs
  • Clinical networks and multi-centre study management


  • Clinical case report forms
  • Database design
  • Data entry and transfer
  • Data sharing

Data Analytics & Bio-informatics

  • Statistical analysis plan design
  • Omics technologies access
  • Platform-agnostic data analytics pipeline
  • Multi-omics integrations + systems biology

Laboratory Medicine

  • Clinical platform assessment and implementation
  • Translation from discovery to clinical technology platforms
  • Analytical development and validation

Intellectual Property

  • IP protection strategies tailored to multi-marker tests
  • Patent preparation and management*
  • Commercialization strategies

Support for Grant Applications and Management

  • Consultation on or joint development of grant applications (various aspects: biomarker development, biobanking, statistics, bioinformatics, commercialization, budget)
  • Generation of preliminary data to support applications
  • Assist with engaging additional clinical, technology, government or business partners required for successful application
  • Project management , research support, manuscript preparation post-funding